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Majin Buu / Buu(Piccolo) Nerf?!

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  • Majin Buu / Buu(Piccolo) Nerf?!

    Since many Players are entering the lvl 100/110 Scenarios it might be an interesting thing to get clarification from the dev's of DBZ Online.

    As we all know, DBZ Online is nearly a 1 : 1 copy of Unlimited Ninja. While in Unlimited Ninja our Majin Buu/Buu(Piccolo) is called Pain/Rinnegan Nagato. The Dev's of Unlimited Ninja decided to nerf Pain in the following way: Removed the control effect in both unapgraded and upgraded Version and added another debuff (reduce Avoid Injury Rate). With this change, Pain became useless in terms of PvE and so only PvP focused players were getting him post-nerf.

    We already found out, the fury reduction is not working in nearly every PvE Scenario, so the control effect is the only reason why we are recruiting Majin Buu. The 5 Fury reduction from Majin Buu is not powerful enough to be useful in PvP. So if we want to use Majin Buu in PvP we need to upgrade him.
    And here is the main problem many players are facing right now.

    If we decide to recruit Majin Buu for PvE only, we wont upgrade him (so its 300 Proofs) but if we would face the same nerf as in Unlimited Ninja this toon would become rather useless and those 300 Proofs are then kinda wasted.

    If we decide to recruit him for PvP and upgrade him at lvl 110 for a whooping 948 Proofs he would be a beast even after the nerf, but he wouldnt do what we recruited him for. In PvP the control effect is also the main reason why we use him and if the dev team would take this away it would hurt quite hard.

    Im sure many players are troubled with the decision of lvl 100 legendary recruit and much more troubled with the right lvl 110 legendary upgrade.
    So I'd like to ask our provider how they're gonna deal with Majin Buu.

    Will this nerf happen? Will it happen soon?

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    I'm sure many would demand a refund if they bought buu and he was nerfed. Its basically like gohan ss2 situation all over again they lied about his fury generation... I contacted them about this issue and all they did was change the in game text.


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      ive seen some heroes in tavern get nerfed/buffed...some big difference others not quite so much :/ base stats skills etc. rip ox king. besides again why nerf him? at this point in the game control is better to deal with. and having a legendary warrior be able to stun all(even vanguard) at the cost of not much fury reduction is amazing. he's a legendary warrior after all. let him keep stun. besides i get stunned more with pikkon and mr. satan compared to buu :/ dunno why that should happen to him...otherwise yeah....

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    control does still have it use in pve but its losing its use in some areas

    as for the nerf..not sure if they'll respond or not :/ it would help alot of people and it makes sense for majin buu to have stun so....why take it away? overpowered, overused?
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      Well i cant tell you why it got nerfed on unlimited Ninja.
      But i can make some assumptions.
      If u wanted to have the "stun whole team" trick without a Buu. You would have to use 2 different supports + the stun skill from your main.... now dats 3 used up positions in your formation, while a buu is just 1 position with the same effect, but more dmg and speed
      So yes.. its VERY powerful
      BUT! SS3 Goku + SS Gotenks + Prince Vegeta is also VERY powerful since you have 405% growth Genkidama every round with 2x roughly 15% combo rate
      Also LSS Broly is incredibly powerful in PvP but we have to agree about Buu being the biggest Powerhouse IF all 5 controls hit.

      I dont think they should remove his control ability. But i think its important it doesnt have such a high success rate as for example android 18.
      So if we assume Android 18 has a 45% chance of stunning assaulters with her skill i would want Majin Buu have max half of this Chance because he hits em all and he also reduces fury

      Thing is... I opened this thread because i'd like to prevent things like a waste of nearly 1k proofs and then *pouf* useless buu.
      So please Animegame. Give us your infos if you have some or at least tell us you dont know anything about this


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        that is a good point... all in one would seem deadly if they all got stunned frequently. as for the thing with infinite least with that you wouldnt be able to run control or vanguard so it can be countered.... but with that though..if goku ssj3 or gotenks ssj1 has their fury have to use buu or muliple controls for that o.o.

        anywho. yeah with hitting everyone, even if there isn't less damage depending on who you hit thats not tied to skill/ hitting more groups of people, if majin buu had a high stun rate and it effected everyone...*shudders*

        yeah 20-25% chance seems fair. if it was too low then why bother recruiting?(besides attacking all i mean)

        yeah i understand. its not easy to get those proofs. to have them go to waste like that....

        let's hope that they decide to keep stun on him. or at least open a discussion thread where people can debate about it. even though not too many people speak on these forums...there is still a fair amount of yeah....
        Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

        also i like pizza. omnomnom.


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          Hola alguien habla espaƱol