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Kai's order Training bug

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  • Kai's order Training bug

    King's Kai Power - Kai's order training is bugged
    you don't get all the Minor Crit points if you pass the level!
    It is suppose to do 10x exp but it only reach the next level if the exp you miss to level up is less than the points you would make with the Minor crit.

    I used Kai's order 2 at a time to double check it several times.
    all the time I was about to pass a level and I would get a minor crit I would get less of it: exactly as much as I would need to pass the level (plus the points from the other Kai's order, i was using 2 at a time so I would get also +10 point with only one Minor Crit).

    but of course if you use 100 of Kai order at a time for example you would lose most of the Minor Crit points you get.

    In the attachment below I was lucky and got 2 Minor Crit with 2 Kai order (=200 point) but I only needed 190 for the next level.
    so I "only" lost 10 points.

    The only "solution" right now is using the Silver training when I have less than 100 point for the next level and using the kai order in small quantity.
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