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More Exp from Quests

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  • More Exp from Quests

    Imo Quests should give way more XP and should be the main source of XP.
    Because otherwise your just sitting in the main lobby all the time inbetween events.

    At the VERY least make Vit Regen faster, because so far the game is basically: Do alot of stuff at low levels then when u hit lvl50ish do basically nothing but events and dailys and sit in the lobby bored.

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    hi there, maybe you will get much more fun when you get a high level.


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      Theres just not much about this game overall. Once u do your daily things u just sit there doing nothing until events roll around.
      At the very least it would be better if the quests rewarded u more for finishing them but from doing 10 runs ill complete a quest that only gives 9k xp which is basically nothing.
      Also im not a low level. Currently lvl 70+


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        Aside from the early quests. Quests are pretty useless. Very little reward but I guess at least they aren't much work.