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Is ssj gohan worth the gold?

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  • Is ssj gohan worth the gold?

    In the current event they have gohan his stats are better than the making vegeta and he is a good support but is he really worth it?

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    way better support than nail or prince vegeta, but as the price...(i dont spend money so idk how much it goes up) say it might be best to wait and try to get him for cheaper.
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      I personally think skill wise its a fair investment however I dislike that he only attacks support... If it weren't for that I myself would get him. So weigh your options. I'd say personally with him and gotenks if you have one at 100 fury and the other at say 70 fury your entire team would start with special attacks... but is it worth the damage loss of say supreme kai as a support?


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        for level60-90 yes

        above no

        he would work well with trunks but i don't know his stats or Combo rate to know personally this game far to expensive atm to warrant recruiting anything less that Aoe + heal + debuffs + fury gen he costs about 300-500$ and is replaced very early