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Calling all video game players

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  • Calling all video game players

    sooo since the off-topic here doesnt relate to much offtopic..thought id create 1 offtopic thread about video games. whether its pc console or handheld it doesn't matter!

    what kind of games do you guys play? what systems? for me i mainly play games nowadays on my ps4, sometime ps3. but ive played on a bunch of other systems before. mainly gamecube n64, ps2( at times). played alot of the handhelds such as gameboy advance, sp, micro, ds, ds lite,dsi,dsi xl, 3ds. (also have played xbox 360 and psp as well, but that was years ago). wii was also a big system ive played, wii u eh. besides those ive played a few pc games as well...mainly cd games and not really much else.

    all that being said, im curious to see how big of gamers all of yall are too ^_^
    Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

    also i like pizza. omnomnom.

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    rpgs on anything i got a ps3+4 Steam + 3ds + Dreamcast + sega saturn + Snes + Megadrive


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      oh awesome the oldest system ive played was the snes.. i think i played the dreamcast too but that was years ago.... what kind of rpgs do you like to play? ive seen different kinds thats why im asking lolz.
      Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

      also i like pizza. omnomnom.


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        loads, just got DBZ fusions. currently playing agian tales of zestiria, going to be buying tales of berseria + perona 5.

        Last year i bought
        The Legend Of Heroes Trails in the Sky 2 (Steam) ****** Loved it
        The Legend Of Heroes trails Of Cold Steel (Ps3) **** Good
        Sword Art Lost Song No played yet still trying to complete the other one 1st Infinite hallow (ps3)
        Hyperdimention Series very comical (steam + Ps4)
        Disgaea another one comical (steam ps3)
        Bravely Default nice game (3ds)
        One piece Romance Dawn (3ds)
        Odin Sphere nice game can get repetitive (ps4)
        Agarest Gen of war is a nice rpg (steam)
        Conception 2 (Cliche jrpg but worth a play)
        Final Fantasy 15 (ps4)


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          from what ive seen and heard from someone who is a big fan of the tales of series, berseria is pretty good. dang critics and reviewers chastise on its graphics though -_- in hd it looks great to me...

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        omg someone else who likes the tales of series? XD cool.

        sadly you're only the 2nd person ive met that seems to like it/play it, the series needs more love from people o.o

        and other than the tales series dbz fusions, ff 15,one piece, and sao, i have no idea what those other games are haha.

        is that bad?
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        Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

        also i like pizza. omnomnom.


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          Legend of heroes game where PSP exclusives so no fault for not knowing them,

          persona 4 was 2008 fan fave jrpg for the ps2 era

          Hyperdimension aren't great JRPGs just very comical and have a nice story

          JRPGs are Hidden gems kinda things they dont have massive advertising campaigns u have to look for them, steam is good for oldies remade coz psp was a shite handheld but alot of game came out for it as well for vita but that was shite to so a majority are coming out on steam go to Tags > Jrpgs and u can see a whole long list of em :P


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            if my guess is right that jrpgs are japanese/japan role playing games then i understand why.

            yeah i remember the psp vita was better than psp but sony...*shrugs*

            steam huh, if i dont have a steam account can i still look at them?
            Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

            also i like pizza. omnomnom.


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     u can view it like PSN


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                oh wow. i didnt even know that nier automata would be classified as that xD .

                makes me even more excited to get it already ><

                and i see..thats good to know . gonna look at it to see what's all on there :P
                Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

                also i like pizza. omnomnom.


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                  tbh if u wanna play my personal fave Jrpg Suikoden 1 + 2, ofc free, emu link below personal fave website, and most of the jrpgs on psx where the best

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                      currently playing digimon world next order very muchly enjoying it


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