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  • Recruits

    Could you please start putting the recruits we get at their required recruit level when we do recruit them. It's getting more than irritating of having to level up our recruits from Level 1. It would also make things a lot easier for everyone playing, especially since there are people cannot afford to top up to the game and have to do everything slower than most of the VIPs. Would really be helpful if you started putting the recruits already at the level they are needed to be recruited at instead of having us level them.

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    are you referring to any recruited heroes? like events legendary warriors and tavern? or just 1 of them? might be better to explain a lil more. as for that. you could always inherit exp(unless you're trying to fill up all hero slots, then yeah it is slow). However getting that up to like 50 doesnt take much. and by the time you get to like 80 90 100 levels. you should be making enough to where it won't affect you too bad(unless you're in a really populated server then...yeah...) you have to remember though that this game isn't meant to last a short amount of time; it's meant for at least a few years. if we had that, it might decrease the playing time for them. however. maybe not exact level, but i wouldn't mind certain quality of heroes to be at a preset level like blue level 20. purple 20-50. gold 70. red..well we can come back to that. as for event heroes. if they say a prerequired level. then it could start at that level. if it doesnt say a level...then either level 1 or the level referred to by quality or to go with your highest.
    Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

    also i like pizza. omnomnom.


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      I am referring to pretty much all the heroes you recruit, both Tavern and Legendary Warriors, well, except for Kid Goku, Roshi, and Krillin. After that, it gets more difficult to level up and would help make things easier for everyone. I know a game like this can go on for a couple of years, I played a game with all the same mechanics as this one but has been out longer but they make the recruits you get at the required level that you need to get them. They match the match the recruit level to get them by putting them at that level.

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