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I still can't register for the second round of top legion

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  • I still can't register for the second round of top legion

    As stated above I still can't submit for the second part of top legion. My legion won yet again and none of us can submit. I was told last week this was fixed and nope it's the same thing. So who's leg do I have to hump to get some help?

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    hi there, maybe you can provide a screenshot, server, character name, then we can check it for you. thank you.


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    Server 5-6 Lotuce
    i think there is a mising button for register


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      Your Lotuce? You keep beating me in team battle lol

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    Server 62
    IGN Unknown

    I circled the parts that shows I won preliminary,
    that i don't qualify for dragon ball battle,
    and there's no register button for dragon ball battle.

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      I battle you too every day lol

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    Server 69
    IGN Nufftingz
    Once again we all have the same problem. One of your colleagues answered me last week and said this was fixed and yet it's the same for everyone. Also if everyone has this problem how did your tech team not know?


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      hi there, our tech team is checking for that. thanks for your patience and cooperation.


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        Okie dokie smokey lol

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