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  • For elite players

    So for all you top players who have spent good money on this game I have a question. So let say you have Kabito Kai and Clone Vegeta and you run a 2 support and 2 assault and 1 vanguard formation but you want Black Goku. Who would you switch BlackGokuu with? Clone Vegeta or Kabito Kai?

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    So this is really a two part question. Prepare for my ramblings!

    I generally don't run Kibitokai in PVP I'd rather have the additional stun chance from Super Buu. At the top level off cross tournament it boils down to who's clone is faster and did the slow clone resist the stun. For PVP I will probably run Clone and Black, combo chance buff for additional stuns seems very good. I'm debating getting Goku Black but he's nerf'd compared to his unlimited ninja counter part so I'm gonna take my time and think about it for a bit. I do think he'd work well with either Clone or Kibitokai in some situations. His poison skill probably what I need to get past my current PVE challenges.

    For PVE it really depends on what the content you're facing. Currently when I'm running PVE fights, I run Kibito Kai and Clone, then SS3 Goku, Gotenks/Hell Fighter 17 with main. My "hard" PVE content is SS3 Goku in Extreme Challenge (last fight before R1), SS Gohan in the Laboratory (Part 2 stage 12), and Dabura (1st Fight Stage 7 Snake Way). Right now only SS3 Goku can do any meaningful damage. To get to my current clear level I rely on the utility of my my available setup. The main character's armor break (30%) and either Gotenk's fury restore or Hell Fighter 17's +25% damage boost. In PVE my equipment enchants are high enough that the damage done but normal attacks and most fury attacks are mitigated by Kibitokai's heal. Most high level mobs attack support or assaulter with their fury attacks so the Vanguard is irrelevant, yeah aid is nice but meh. Kibitokai heals them up to full most of the time, unless of course they're attack supports then RIP. I'll try again and hope for better RNG on stuns. Occasionally if needed I'll put SS2 Vegeta in to try to keep Kibitokai healthy.

    Uh... so yeah questions?


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      nope i am good thanks

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    i say kibito kai since he is weakest. might want to keep kibito kai's korin tower and char lvl for in game stuff though


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