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why do sever die so fast

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  • why do sever die so fast

    what they need to do is stop opening up severs ever 4 days or what ever i am a new player and my sever died after 2 weeks and its just 3 of us still here that is sad

    ‚Äčthis what i think they can do make 3 super severs one for each world then have the 1 mega sever for cross play and arenas when you log in you get a pop up asking do you also want to log in to mega sever or when you hit level 40 it makes you long in to both i would love to see how ppl think of my ideal all ears and plz don't hold you words if you think its a dumb ideal plz tell me how you would fix it do we will not run in to this wall later on

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    The less players on your server is actually better for you, not as many people competing for the resources. New people would have absolutely no way to complete with people on the older servers, unless I remove the majority of my team I kill ape in under 5 minutes and noone gets any silver.
    If all you're missing is the conversation aspect of having a bunch of people on your server, join the discord.