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  • lvl100-110 tavern

    hi, can some1 post tavern lvl 100 and lvl 110 with their skills abilities.
    ​and i am lvl96, i have formation majin buu + supreme kai+ goku +kibito , i have enough general proof to get super buu and broly or upgrade goku but i am thinking of switiching goku with bardock or cell lvl110.any advice?
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    Lv 110 Tavern

    King Vegeta (Vanguard):

    Brawn: 600 Growth rate: 3.3 SPI: 600 Growth Rate: 3.2
    AGI: 600
    Growth rate: 2.9 CON: 3000 Growth rate: 3.8

    Skill is "Sayan Final Flash" - Atack enemy vanguard, growth rate is 230%, increase assaulter's Aid Rate by 60% for 3 rounds, and recover own HP, recovery rate is 45%
    Talent is "
    Strenght" - Increase certain amount of Strength by percentage

    Cell Form II (Assaulter):

    Brawn: 600 Growth rate: 3.3 SPI: 600 Growth Rate: 3
    AGI: 600 Growth rate: 2.9 CON: 3000 Growth rate: 3.5

    Skill is "Galick Cannon" - Atack enemy vanguard, growth rate is 300%, and increase own atack by 20% and Crit. Hit Rate by 10% for 3 rounds
    Talent is "Strenght" -
    Increase certain amount of Strength by percentage

    Frieza-Form F (Support):

    Brawn: 600 Growth rate: 2.9 SPI: 600 Growth Rate: 3.3
    AGI: 600 Growth rate: 3 CON: 3000 Growth rate: 3.5

    Skill is "Supernova" - Atack enemy support, growth rate is 130%, and decrease enemy's Fury by 50 points, with high chance of controlling enemy for 3 rounds, chance of controlling is affected by level difference.
    Talent is "Agility" -
    Increase certain amount of Agility by percentage

    Copy pasted from Playwebgames, credited to Bernado Silva

    Lv 100 Tavern

    Android 18:

    Skill is
    - Attack enemy assaulters growth rate is 130%, decrease enemy fury by 50 points, chance of controlling targets for 3 rounds, chance of controlling is affected by level.
    Talent is
    "Android Gene"
    - Increase certain amount of Agility by percentage, with 5% DMG Immune Rate.

    Android 17:
    Skill is
    "Android Ki Waves"
    - Attack entire enemy team, growth rate is 130%, and recover own HP, recover rate is 50%
    Talent is
    "Enhanced Android"
    - Increase certain amount of Brawn by percentage, with 5% DMG Rate.

    Skill is
    "Ultimate Destructive Bull"
    - Attack enemy assaulter, growth rate is 135%, and recovery Fury by 100 points.
    Talent is
    "Gold Warrior"
    - Increase certain amount of Brawn by percentage, with 5% DMG Immune Rate.
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