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  • Goku Black!

    Hello Community.
    Today the event has shown us an amazing new character for our PvP AND PvE Roster
    Goku Blacks comes with an AoE attack which boosts our own team in terms of damage and puts a DoT on the whole enemy team, which looks a bit stronger than Metal Cooler (lvl 120 tavern) DoT. Very promising for clearing Extreme Challenge lvl 110+ and other stuff where we do 5 dmg with our current teams.
    In addition to this he will silence (?!) the enemy team. Sounds to me like a debuff which disables skills to trigger at 100 fury (correct me if im wrong). This should make him probably the best PvP Character so far, even stronger than Cloned Vegeta.
    All in all this guy sounds rediculously strong to me and i would love to hear your impressions and if you gonna get him, i would also like to get an approximate gold cost for mr imposter Goku.

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    Sounds like a sales pitch to me, only problem is hes not worth 500$


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        I'm sure Grumpywookie will do a comparison at some point.

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      As you can see, he is nerfed from his Naruto counterparts but that isn't to say that he won't be buffed in the future(Along with other current event characters). He's usually compared to level 130 support Tavern Mangestu and to sum it up, if you're a high vip who tops up, you'll grab Black/Six sage and if you're f2p whos saving gold grab the tavern unless you can afford it, i.e have more than 40k gold saved to keep investing so along the lines of 80k gold.
      ​Black/Six Sage dot will not stack with Mangetsu so take that in mind, and we still have no idea when bonds will come along. Mangetsu will need fury but he can stun. Its up for debate really, do you want to spend the gold for an event character who might be outclassed? Or spend that equal amount on jades and such.
      ​I won't be around as I'm doing a hunger strike. :{


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        wow! horribly nerfed :/