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  • Fortify System

    Equipment Type:

    Kunckles: (Budo Stick, Basho Fan, Full Set): increase Physical Attack/Energy Attack

    Helm: increase Physical Defense

    Armor: increase Physical Defense

    Cape: increase Energy Defense

    Boots: increase Speed

    Belt: increase Physique

    Equipment Quality:

    Total 7 Quality: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, Red, Dark Gold

    Different quality equipment has different attached stats, can attach max 3 stats

    Equipment Level:

    Every 10 level appears 1-3 set new Equipment

    Equipment Slot:

    Equipment have 2-6 slots. The slots amount depends on Equipment level and quality


    Collect 2, 4, 6 specific Equipment can increase different set stats.

    Click image for larger version

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    Every equipment can be fortified. Fortify level cannot exceed character level, and Fortify consumes Silver.
    Double Fortify, can Fortify two levels once.

    Fortify Discount, Fortify costs 80% Silver of normal Fortify.

    Click image for larger version

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    Consume Silver to refine attached stats of the equipment.

    Advance Refine: Stats stay the same after refine, only randomly generate new statss.

    Click image for larger version

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    Inherit equipment level of old equipment to another equipment, also inherit the inlaid Gem to the new equipment.

    Click image for larger version

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    Make Equip

    Starting from level 30, every 10 level open a number of new equipment that can be made.

    Make Equip consumes a common material and a special material, for example, to Make a level 80 knuckles consumes a level 80 special material and a level 80 knuckles material.

    If the materials is not enough, you can use Gold to provide the materials needed.

    Click image for larger version

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    Divine Forge

    Purple and Gold Gear Level 50-150 can be Divine Forged.

    Divine Forge consumes a common material and a special material, for example, to Divine Forge a level 70 Armor consumes a level 70 special material and a level 70 Armor material.


    Only red equipment or LV50+ Equipment which can use Divine Forge can be socketed. Every Socket consumes Katchin Stones and Silvers. When socketed equipment is Divine Forged, slot will be retained.

    Click image for larger version

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    Open at level 75, use enchanting item to enchant equipment, greatly increase equipment Stats.
    Use Enchant Protection Stone, equipment enchanting success rate is 100%

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    How do I choose my race?


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      Help I don't see a choose button to choose my Race. I want to be a saiyen but I don't know how to choose it


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        AG349773, when you create your character, the race is the first choice