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  • Tavern Guide

    Level 30 Tavern:- Cost 50 Blue - 200 Purple

    Blue - Evaluation - Formation - Type

    General Blue - (C) - Vanguard - Physical
    Skill : Blue Energy
    Damage 70% Vangaurd + increase Block by + 25%
    Talent : Block
    Comments -
    Good Tank but replace with Krillin after 2 days
    Recommend: No Replaced Early

    Mercenary Tao - (C) - Assaulter - Physical
    Skill : Dodon Wave
    Damage 130% Vangaurd + Decrease Damage Immunity By 10%
    Talent : Crit Hit
    Comments -
    not bad damage but the extra doesn't make sense as it to early
    ingame to worry about immunity
    Recommend: No Shit skill

    Fortuneteller Baba - (D) - Support - Spirit
    Skill : Healing Crystal
    Heal 100% Vanguard
    Talent : Spirit
    Comments -
    Good healer for early on replaced By Korin after 50+,Very Low Stats
    Recommend : Meh if u need a healer for Pvp go for it or save for Korin

    Chiaotzu - (D) - Support - Spirit
    Skill : Superpower
    Damage 100% Support, +Chance 1 turn Stun
    Talent : Spirit
    Comments -
    Good 5th member if u can't afford purple Recruits Very Low stats
    Recommend: Yes/No
    Yes - Cheap 5th for pve and early pvp because of stun
    No - Low stats replaced early

    Purple - Evalutation - Formation

    Turtle Yamcha - (B+) - Assaulter - Physical
    Skill : Spirit Ball -
    Damage 190% Vangaurd, + Increase Damage Rate 10% for 3Turns,
    + recover 50% Fury
    Talent : Strenght
    Comments -
    Good for Pve, Not great in pvp could be 5 Strength team
    Recommend : Yes/No ?
    Yes - More Damage in Pve events + can save Proofs
    No - Replaced fast, Slow

    Mr Popo -(B) A|ssaulter - Physical
    Skill : Magic Wave
    Damage 190% vangaurd + increase Own Crit rate 35% 3rounds
    Talent - Strength
    Comments -
    Another Strength user jebus. Not really used but if i had to use this or
    Yamcha i'd pick Yam because of the faster fury regen / damage out put
    compared to crit early game
    Recommend : No pick Yamcha PVE

    Yajirobe - (B) - Assaulter - Physical
    Skill : Laido
    Damage Vangaurd 90% + Decrease Defence 15% 3rounds
    Talent : Fencing Guide(?)
    Comments -
    As im not going to waste 200 Purples to recruit Him His talent doesn't
    make sense (Born with 50% damage rate) is that does Half damage or
    50% more damage, but then his skill is low Damage out put any ways
    to warrant recruiting
    Recommend : No

    Korin - (B) - Supporter - Spirit
    Skill : Holy Water
    Heal 120% Vanguard
    Talent : Spirit
    Replaces Baba, nice heal has helpt me out finishing Extreme Challange
    Recommend : Yes Pve could help out Pvp remember to switch for events

    Tavern 50 :- Costs 200 Purple

    Purple - Evaluation - Formation - Type

    Raditz - (A-) - Vanguard - Physical
    Skill : Sayin Axe
    Damage Vanguard 90% Increase Own Dodge 20%
    Talent : Dodge
    Comments -
    Krillins Alter Ego stats wise little better personally i prefer dodge to block
    i made mine fast so round2 he has 88,9% dodge chance :x
    Recommend : Yes if u can afford

    Nappa - (A-) - Vangaurd - Physical
    Skill : Super Explosive Light
    Damage Vanguard 210% + Increase Own Attack 20%
    Talent : Strength
    Comments -
    Only Two places i can see a use for this slow bastard is Ape + Namek
    Recommend : No can help cashers make more silver but u waste silver to buy him :v

    Ox-King - (A-) - Assualter - Physical
    Skill : Machete
    Damage Vanguard 135%
    Talent : Stength
    Comments -
    Slow skill sucks waste of silver
    Recommend : NO! Just NO!

    Nail - (A) - Support - Spirit
    Skill : Lightning Punch
    Damage 80% Vangaurd + Increase Own fury 100 & Assualter's fury 30
    Talent : Crit Hit
    Comments -
    This Guy is fast! u dont want him to be fast though why? because the fury would be
    wasted so round 2 after all 3 have used fury then go, round 3 +30 more fury round
    4 = Skill again, makes it so u can use fury alot faster but only works on assualters
    Recommend : Yes

    Chi-Chi - (A-) - Supporter - Spirit
    Skill : Hallucination Palm
    Damage 50% + Chance of stun affected By level difference for 3Rounds
    Talent : Spirit
    Comments -
    Good Very Good in early Pvp as most people will be rolling three assualter's
    and helpful in progression Pve, extreme challange
    Recommend : Yes

    Tavern 70 :- Costs 1000 Gold

    Gold - Evaluation - Formation - Type

    Android 16 - (A) - Vanguard - Physical
    Skill: Ultimate Weapon
    Damage all 100% + Increase Own Block 35% + Own attack by 15% 3rounds
    Talent : Crit Hit
    Comments -
    JEBUS hes very Nice!
    Recommend : Yes (No level 80 Tanks)

    Kid Gohan - (A) - Assaulter - Physical
    Skill : Super Masenko
    Damage 220% Increase own attack 18% 3rounds
    Talent : Strenght
    Comments -
    Hes the weakest recruit here only use would be Ape + Namek
    Recommend : No save for 80 recruits

    Kid Trunks - (A-) - Assaulter - Physical
    Skill : Burning Flame
    Attack Enemy Vangaurd 145% + Recover 100 Fury + Clear teams Debuffs
    Talent : Stength
    Comments -
    Major upgrade on Turtle Goku 40% extra damage perm Fury and clears debuffs
    Only down side is Lowest stats growth of the 70 bar
    Recommend : Dunno You choose this one

    Mr Satan - (A) - Support - ?
    Skill : Most Powerful Strike
    Damage Assaulters 65% + Decrease Fury -50 + Stun affected by level difference 3rounds
    Talent - Agility
    Comments -
    2nd most important for pvp + progression Pve
    Recommend : Yes

    Pikkon - (A) - Support - Spirit
    Skill : Double Wave
    Damage Support : + decrease Fury -50 Chance of stun affected by level diffence 3round
    Talent : Agility
    Comments -
    Very Nice no more healers! this guy helpt me pown Jeice extreme challange at level 71
    Recommend : Yes

    Prince Vegeta - (A) - Support - Spirit
    Skill : Final Flash
    Damage Vanguard 105% + Recover 100 Fury & 25 for Team
    Talent : Spirit
    Comments -
    major upgrade to Nail and the Highest damage supporter so far can see him being very
    important with endgame content unless there's an upgrade
    Recommend : Wait till i get info on other Taverns in case of upgrade

    Lv. 80 Tavern
    See below

    Lv. 90 Tavern

    Cooler :
    Skill is "Continuous Energy Wave" - Attack enemy vanguard, growth rate is 315%
    Talent is "Strength" - Increases own Strength by percentage

    Skill is "Forbidden Promise" - Attack enemy vanguard, growth rate is 180%, and increase own Assaulter's Aid rate by 60% for 2 rounds
    Talent is "Block" - Increases own spirit by percentage

    Skill is "Revive" - Recover own vanguard and assaulter's HP, recover rate is 110%, and recover own Fury by 100 points.
    Talent is "Spirit" - Increases own spirit by percentage

    Supreme Kai:
    Skill is "Ki Bullet" - Attack entire enemy team, growth rate is 120%, and continue to decrease Enemy's HP for 3 rounds, each round's rate is 25%
    Talent is "Spirit" - Increases own spirit by percentage

    Lv. 100 Tavern

    Android 18:

    Skill is "Kienzan" - Attack enemy assaulters growth rate is 130%, decrease enemy fury by 50 points, chance of controlling targets for 3 rounds, chance of controlling is affected by level.
    Talent is "Android Gene" - Increase certain amount of Agility by percentage, with 5% DMG Immune Rate.

    Android 17:
    Skill is "Android Ki Waves" - Attack entire enemy team, growth rate is 130%, and recover own HP, recover rate is 50%
    Talent is "Enhanced Android" - Increase certain amount of Brawn by percentage, with 5% DMG Rate.

    Skill is "Ultimate Destructive Bull" - Attack enemy assaulter, growth rate is 135%, and recovery Fury by 100 points.
    Talent is "Gold Warrior" - Increase certain amount of Brawn by percentage, with 5% DMG Immune Rate.

    Last edited by NoticeMeSenpai; 02-26-2017, 01:47 PM. Reason: Updated 90+100 Tavern

  • #2
    Something about tavern lv 80? I'm 78 and i have 1k gold heroes, and idk.. i wanna choose mr satan but i think it'll be better if i'll wait a little


    • Guider
      Guider commented
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      if you need advice/want help ask away and we can help you out

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    this needs to be updated <_< *cough*

    if you want a good support that stuns assault then get mr satan as the next one(that attacks assault) isn't until level 100 tavern.

    until they update this i can post pics of 80 tavern.

    Last edited by Guider; 02-22-2017, 05:34 AM. Reason: added pictures for more indepth look at tavern, also idk how to decrease the picture size atm, but hope this works on short notice :)
    Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

    also i like pizza. omnomnom.


    • #4
      From lv 80 tavern who is the best?


      • #5
        it depends on what you're going for and what's bothering you. for me debuffs and control was a pain in the butt so i went with buu. a combo of buu and cell form 1 isnt too bad. dabura is nice for tht extra damage. frieza ive yet to use or seen but he doesnt seem too bad with that attack decrease... in the end its your call
        Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

        also i like pizza. omnomnom.


        • #6
          Who's the best? Android 17 or Broly


          • #7
            broly by far is better than android 17. not only skillwise but statwise as well.
            Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

            also i like pizza. omnomnom.


            • Tasker S3
              Tasker S3 commented
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              Self heal plus attack entire team... broly is far better lol I have to agree

            • Guider
              Guider commented
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              not to mention aid rate after upgrade :P better than the 1 at tavern 110 if it stays true... *cough*

            • NoticeMeSenpai
              NoticeMeSenpai commented
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              Frieza F3 :P

          • #8
            Who is better? Frieza P3 or upgraded Broly?


            • #9
              depends on team, FA18+FF3 would make a great combo because FA makes him immune to stun and his skill stuns himself meaning you wipe away the stun, but Broly upgraded heals himself + gives 65% aid rate to assaulter's so it up to u how u want to roll


              • #10
                tough call to make. overall tank wise broly would be better(idk how much its brawn is increased but due to it getting more that vs agility yeah...)

                what gives frieza form 3 an edge is he gets extra agility, extra speed, and 10% damage immune rate...

                does a crazy amount of dmg to support, but gets stunned in process*

                *its worth testing to see if future android 18 can negate that stun

                both give same aid rate, but broly can heal himself.

                oddly enough, both are damage dealing tanks.

                frieza form 3 is heavy on support while broly is everyone.

                the way i see it is broly is a balance of damage and tank while frieza form 3 is more damage compared to tank.(he does have 10% dmg immune rate though...)

                idk, it's your call to make.

                Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

                also i like pizza. omnomnom.


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                  Hi, I need some advices, I'm lv 81 my formation is a16, main, turtle goku, buu &mr satan. i have gold cards to recruit another hero from tavern and in a few days i hope i will recruit goku. idk what to do, to wait till lv 90 for heroes, or recruit one of those , i think i will change turtle goku with goku, but if i recruit another hero, buu or mr satan?


                  • #12
                    are you asking which hero you want to get rid of the 2?

                    it depends on your focus honestly.
                    Current account is "Mystery" on S11.

                    also i like pizza. omnomnom.


                    • #13
                      I'm asking which is more useful, for pve, or pvp and who is better, frieza cell or dabura


                      • #14
                        neither keep them both get Pikkon for PVP and keep Buu for PVE i have 6 crews i use for different reasons
                        Supporters =
                        Majin Buu = Pvp
                        Supreme Kai = Pve
                        Babidi = Pve+Pvp
                        Prince Vageta = Pve

                        Assualters =
                        Gotenks ssj1 = Pve+pvp
                        Cooler = Pve

                        Kibito = allrounder taken out for events


                        • #15
                          Ok, i got it. but how i can get more scrolls? Thats mean to use gold cards for scrolls or token points


                          • NoticeMeSenpai
                            NoticeMeSenpai commented
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                            DBF can give scrolls

                          • Guider
                            Guider commented
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                            oh yeah. that and the shop...but imo i thinking using coupons for scrolls is a waste.

                          • NoticeMeSenpai
                            NoticeMeSenpai commented
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                            true unless u can afford it