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    frieza casting an atk debuff on assaulters primarily i feel would work well when fighting groups of enemies(although it seems quite a few people prefer more damage when it comes to assaulters vs support assault- not sure why though, at least pvpwise)

    dabura would be more suited for pve as if you dont have enough pierce hit or attack to push through vanguard you can lower their fury thereby saving you the trouble of having them dodged or blocked alot. in pvp if hes fast enough he can stop a 16 from using skill, which would make it alot easier to get through him.

    cell- him being not only fast but also has decent spi and cast skill every turn on assaulters can prove to be a lot of damage done on them both in pve and pvp. being able to protect your main damagers from stun is a really nice thing. in pvp you dont have to worry too much bout them blocking...but're going to need alot of pierce, especially in snake way. my only thing with cell is if control is an issue, you can just have your main use holy shield. tbh i rather protect my support first before my assault, but thats just me.

    now between buu and mr. satan... hmm

    if youre mr satan is fast, being able to reduce fury of people in pvp helps out alot. pve dont have much pierce you're out of luck. though in some activities the enemy can be either stunned or have fury reduced(in some cases there's both but rare..) i can see him working until level 100 tavern and/or majin buu. overall i see him more of a pvp hero.

    as for buu, outve all the tavern supports so far, he does the most damage, and can protect your supports from stun or control. his priority is the vanguard so even if you dont have much pierce its alright...until you get to assaulters XD . pve wise that is. as for pvp....due to the pikkons i can see buu being a great counter to them. plus with your support immune youll be able to either heal your assaults, prevent them from being stunned, do heavy damage to everyone, buff up your supports atk etc.

    if your focus is more pvp i say keep mr satan, if its more pve though...(and events) i say itd be better to keep buu. and once you get fa18, thats heavy damage+high speed+ dispel debuffs for WHOLE team, and in pve that would be a super good thing. pvp too especially when fighting supreme kais...

    again its your call to make. im just here to analyze their strengths and weaknesses to you.
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